Why I practice English conversation even though I’m already fluent.

by Giulia Varcasia.

Giulia Varcasia

Here’s the thing, when I started with Glish I wasn’t really clear about the teaching method. I thought about all the conversation classes I took during my life, at school or university, and just thought it wouldn’t be much different. That’s what I thought.

I wanted to improve my spoken English.

I was just looking for a way to improve my spoken English: actually, I’ve been thinking about it often in the last years, but it took a long time before I finally did it. Well, probably because it was not a real priority for me, I was feeling like my English was already good enough and that joining some teaching program could be an option, but still, I didn’t feel like I needed to set a deadline. So, apart from this (quite arrogant) idea about being able to wait to brush up my spoken English skills, my main problem concerned my spare time.

I just didn’t have the time.

I guess many people just feel the same when they’re fluent in English – you think you may improve it but, being over with your studies,  you don’t perceive it as a priority. Also, but not less important, your spare time is minimal if you have a job. When you’re free, you’re busy with your life, hobbies, you need to chill and finding the time and the will is not easy.

But Glish makes it easy.

But with Glish it’s different. It’s flexible. You schedule your session and you do it from your place or wherever you prefer, from a coffee shop or on your balcony, in your kitchen while cooking dinner or in your garden while sipping a glass of wine… That’s how I do it.

You just need a wifi connection and Skype and you’re ready. It’s just a 30-minute session that can perfectly match the small interstices in your busy life. You start with a video – I love those from The School of Life. It takes only a few minutes and gives you a good topic for a conversation. Just pick something that you like. You’ll first describe the video and then simply chat about it.

It’s surprisingly enjoyable.

It is surprising to see how a duty turns into something that you like, a brief parenthesis during the day. It is so informal and friendly that it’s impossible not to like it: and at the same time, you’re learning. While you speak, your coach will correct your mistakes and give you tips about additional expressions or sayings. I honestly didn’t think it could be so useful and, at the same time, pleasant.

If you’re looking for a program to improve your spoken English, I recommend Glish. And if you’re not looking for it because you think it’s not necessary or a priority, or because you feel like you don’t have enough spare time, I recommend it twice as much.

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