What is Glish?

What is Glish?

Glish (Global/English) is a web platform where you can find a qualified coach to help you practice speaking English and improve your conversational fluency. We make it possible for you to have real-world conversations, in English, even if you don’t live in an English speaking country.

Glish is designed for people who have already studied English and are ready to begin practicing real conversations to increase their fluency. Anyone who needs conversation practice can use Glish. All you need is an internet connection and the Skype video chat application. (If you are shy, you can request audio only.)

Glish coaches are here to help you.

Check out (look at) our coaches. You’ll find a few Americans, a Scot, a Canadian and a Columbian. Glish coaches are fluent, but not necessarily native, English speakers. Glish understands that English is used globally, and frequently used between two non-native English speakers. It’s important that we learn to listen and to speak English in the real world. At Glish, the focus is on effective communication. Can you understand your conversation partner and be understood?

Glish coaches offer a relaxed, non-judgmental environment in which to explore and discuss new ideas while you practice speaking English. Glish conversations are relevant to your life, engaging, encouraging and sometimes even inspiring because YOU choose the topics. It’s easier to practice if the subject is interesting. And after a few sessions with Glish, it doesn’t even feel like difficult practice. It feels like a good conversation.

It’s easy to start.

Pick a coach, schedule a session and have a ‘get-to-know-you’ talk.  Practice casual conversation, practice greeting, practice meeting new people and try different coaches.  Tell the coach about yourself, and you can ask them about themselves. You’ll get to know each other. You can have conversations about current events, topical social issues, or the latest blockbuster (popular) movie. You can do this with more than one coach. Shop around and find the coach with whom you feel most relaxed and comfortable.

When you find a coach you like, you can move on to the Glish method and prepare for each session. You’ll prepare by watching a video that you choose, like a TED talk. Then you’ll prepare to summarize the video for your coach and together you’ll discuss it and share your thoughts.

Your professional fluency will benefit.

Summarizing a TED talk for your coach is excellent practice in narrative speech (story telling.) This is especially important for professionals who have to tell stories, in one form or another, for their work.  Glish will help you become a better storyteller and a better conversationalist.  

This method not only improves your English fluency, it also boosts your public presentation and conversational skills. If you are a professional using English in your career, you can get personalized support from a Glish coach. You can practice professional presentations, your Ph.D. defense, or prepare for an important interview or meeting.

This method works.

I’m Dani Leis and I developed this method three years ago. My clients are in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. I’ve had thousands of conversations with people just like you. My clients tell me the Glish method builds their confidence and gives them the courage to speak up, to speak more freely in social and professional settings where English is being used.  

Join us at Glish and see for yourself how effective this method is at improving your conversational fluency.

We hope to meet you soon!


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