Welcome to Glish!

I’m pleased to welcome you to what I believe is the best gig on the internet. So far 57 of you have indicated an interest in participating in the new cooperative business platform www.glish.guru. This is a fantastic response!  I’ll talk a bit about my vision here and then discuss our next steps.

The Concept

Glish is a concept I developed over the past two years with my online English conversation practice “Let’s Talk!” I get paid to listen to interesting people all over the planet talk about interesting stuff, like TED talks. The method has proven successful and I want to share it. There are 800 million ESL speakers in the world. The market is there, we just have to reach it.

I thought about franchising it, or raising money to launch it on my own, but more recently I realized that I would much rather share the work and the reward, I work better with a team. I’d like to create a true shared-economy model where we all contribute and we all benefit.  We can develop this together, market it together and each have our own independent coaching business. Currently, I’m charging 10 USD for a 30-minute appointment, but we’ll each set our own rates, our own schedules and keep 100% of our own coaching income.

The Method

The method is pretty simple. Essentially, clients prepare by listening to a topic of their choice. It might be a TED talk, or a podcast, but they choose it, listen to it, and prepare to summarize it. We meet for 30 minutes and they tell me about it,  I ask clarifying questions, and then we discuss the idea.  That’s all there is to it. It is simple and incredibly effective.  My clients rave about their results.

You can read the testimonials on my Let’s Talk! site at www.talkwithdani.com

Clients are responsible for preparing topics that spark their interest. Coaches put clients at ease, ask questions, confirm understanding by validating something they’ve said and model good language structure.

I’ll set up some coach training sessions with the founding members and hopefully someone can make an instructional video out of it. Coaches need NOT be native English speakers, just fluent. English is a global language now, and we’ll reflect that in our community.

Glish Values Community Building

The conversations I have with clients around the world are a bridge of communication across cultures. Clients have a chance to explain their world to someone outside it. I have the privilege of hearing their stories and sharing some of my own. Our conversations increase our understanding of each other and our different culturally defined views. This inspires me to include a community building component to Glish. 

I want Glish to partner with international NGO’s and non-profits to promote conversations about global issues, and to provide conversation scholarships in economically depressed communities. We will feature videos or articles on an issue (think refugees or climate change) and offer a package of scholarships for NGO clients or their staff, then match them with coaches who share their interests.

Glish won’t sell advertising or rankings for coaches. Instead, coaches can opt to pick a TED talk (or other) about the issue of the month and offer a free 30 minute conversation for 4 or 5 clients.  These free group conversations will be offered as a membership benefit so people who can’t afford a private coach will be able to afford a small monthly membership and take advantage of free group conversations. Potential clients can check coaches out in a free group conversation, as well as meet people from around the world. Coaches can contribute as little as 30 minutes a week. It is community building and advertising.

Glish coaches who contribute to the community by helping to develop the business, engaging the community, offering scholarships or hosting freebie small group conversations will be featured more prominently on the platform and gain a larger stake in the business.

A Cooperative Model

I want to create a dynamic cooperative to build Glish from an idea into a business. I don’t have a business background so I’m going to need a lot of help. Initially, we have to build the platform so I’m seeking people who have development skills; web design, SEO, marketing, programming, copy writers, as well as folk with experience setting up a business, all that legal and accounting stuff we have to do related to a cooperative business model. Every founding member will have a stake in the business. We’ll also have an independent coaching business.

We’ll begin meeting online and planning this thing together, democratically. One of our members is building a new business model for a digital cooperative and I’m excited about this! We will create a legal entity that gives us all skin in the game – so if it does scale up in the future, founding members of the startup will be in an advantageous position.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first we have to create a working prototype and demonstrate a demand.

Summary of Needs

Web Development

web design



content development

Organizational Development

set up cooperative/business model

project management



ethics and guidelines

mail chimp management

Research and Marketing





Community Development

develop guidelines for community building

develop partnerships with NGO and nonprofit organizations

develop resources for media used for conversations

design coach and client profiles

Next Steps

My background is all non-profit, but I have experience with project development.  I’d like you to send me your CV (or LinkedIn account) and tell me if you see yourself in the founders group and how you might contribute to the development of this platform. What role can you play? How much time can you commit per week?

Then go to my current website www.talkwithdani.com and schedule a 30-minute appointment for us to meet and talk. Use coupon code ‘Glish’ and you won’t be charged for the appointment.

If you want to be a coach but don’t feel you can contribute to the development of the platform, let me know. You’ll be the first to be contacted when we launch the platform so you can become a part of the Glish team as a coach. If you want to help develop the platform but not be a coach, that’s okay too.

I look forward to hearing from each of you. If you know someone who has a skill set that we need, please reach out and invite them. I’m sure that with enough enthusiasm and effort we can create our own independent gig with massive job security. Approximately 800 million people speak English as a second language and no one is doing anything like Glish.

I think this could be something great. I hope you do too.

Dani Leis



Skype: dani-leis



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