It’s a Conversation – not a Class

By Michael Smit aka @TheLegitSmit

Learning English with Glish is a Conversation, not a Class. Glish is for people who want to speak English fluently. You’ve spent years in English class studying grammar and vocabulary and idioms. But when you actually need to speak the language, you can’t think of the words to say. Glish understands this problem, and we have the solution.

The solution is simpler than you might think. Speaking English is a skill. So let’s stop thinking about English the same way we think about learning other subjects in school when we want to pass a test. Instead, let’s think about it like learning other skills we want to use in life.

If you’re learning to play basketball, for example, of course, you need to learn the rules and strategy. However, do you think Michael Jordan became the greatest player in the world by reading lots of basketball books? Of course not. He went out to the basketball court and shot the ball. Then he tried again. And again.

Playing basketball is the only way to get better at playing basketball. And speaking English is the only way to get better at speaking English.

This why Glish is a unique English learning program. We let you get out on the basketball court to practice your skill. We don’t have class, we have a conversation. 

Our method is also simple. First, you choose a TED Talk that interests you. Listen to it, look up new vocabulary and prepare to explain the story to your coach. Next, you’ll have a thirty-minute conversation with your Glish conversation coach. During this conversation, you’ll explain what the TED Talk was about and then talk to each other about any ideas it brings up. This is great English speaking practice, and it’s a lot more fun than studying grammar.

Glish founder, Dani Leis, developed the Glish method in 2013 and she’s been using it ever since.  She’s noticed a pattern with clients over that time. By the fourth session using this method, clients see real improvement in their fluency, increased confidence and they’re looking forward to the next conversation.

This method has already been proven with hundreds of Dani’s clients seeing their English fluency improve in just four thirty minute lessons – just check out the comments section on her first website where she developed the method.

Now you can try it out for yourself. If you sign up for one session every week for three weeks, your coach will schedule the fourth week for free.  

Stop studying and start speaking English today. Sign up at

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