A Glish global service campaign.

A Video Will Apper Here with the following Video Script

[ON SCREEN: Matt talking into his webcam] - Here at Glish Headquarters, we're always on the lookout for new ways to spark a global dialogue... And in this campaign, we're going to see if we can make Glish Glow contagious.[ON SCREEN: Screenshot of Glish Glow definition] - If you're not familiar with Glish Glow, it's the rush of happiness and satisfaction that comes from connecting with another person during an amazing conversation...[ON SCREEN: Matt talking into his webcam] - Our coaches and clients experience Glish Glow every time they have an amazing conversation. But why should this euphoric feeling be limited to Glish sessions? In this campaign, we want to encourage coaches and clients to share the source of their latest great conversation to see how far we can spread a great conversation across the globe. To get involved, just follow the instructions below. Happy Glishing!

Spark a global dialogue by sharing the source of your #GlishGlow with the world on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow the steps outlined below to share your Glish Glow. If you don't know what Glish Glow is, then watch the video to the left.

Share Your #GlishGlow on Facebook

1. Open your Facebook account - http://facebook.com/

2. Paste a link to the TED Talk or other piece of video content that drove your conversation

3. Enter this text as a status update:

I'm having #GlishGlow due to an amazing conversation I had with ______. And I'm calling out ______ and ______ to watch it and have a conversation of their own.

Find out more at https://glish.guru/glishglow

4. Tag the following people:

* Your conversation partner
* 2 friends you think should watch the talk and have a conversation