Glish – February Update


What an exciting beginning!

In January, we put out a call for cooperative working partners and the response has been tremendous with 74 email subscriptions to the landing page. I’ve met with about 30% of these people so far and we now have 18 founding members on the team. It’s exciting that so many people are enthusiastic about joining our new digital workers cooperative and building something meaningful together.

So where are we now?

Structural Organization – Matt is creating a new model that will facilitate equity sharing among the Glish partners based on contributions. Until we have that model, we’re all tracking the time we spend on tasks. We are using to work together (a great online workgroup platform) and investigating as a way to organize the company with a system of distributed authority. We’re looking for an ambitious team member to lead the development of our structural organization.

Web Development – We’re still looking for someone to design the website look and architecture. 

Branding and Copy – We’re still looking for a branding and copy expert to join our team.  This is a critical role. Please help us get the word out.

Programming – We’ve recruited a programming duo (one is a client of mine) who will build a MVP (minimum viable product) for a Glish beta launch. Okti and Oscar will use (the same as AirBnB)  to create: membership registration & payment, coach and client profiles, independent scheduling and payment arrangements for coaches (coaches keep 100% of their income), group conversation scheduling (coaches offer free small group conversations for community building and to attract clients).  We hope to begin beta testing in early May.

Graphics – I met with Chotika, a talented graphic artist at WA Concept Design who has a minimalistic and clean style that resonates with me. She’s a local here in Chiang Mai. She’s expressed an interest in helping out Glish – so I’ll meet with her and her partner to discuss it further. I would like Glish’s images and graphics to convey meaning, not just look slick. She seems to have a talent for this. This sample image is about choices. Imagine Glish graphics that convey effective conversation, cross-cultural communication, inspiration, etc.


WA Concept Design

WA Concept Design


Blogging – We will launch the blog soon, but we still need writers to join our team. We’ll be starting a writers group so they can brainstorm writing and communication strategies and make sure we have several blog postings a week once the blog is launched. The blog will be used to communicate EVERYTHING about Glish, especially the start-up process. Glish will be a completely transparent company and we’ll discuss what we are doing publicly, the ups and the downs, as we go along. Transparency is a Glish value.

Coach Development – Future coaches had their first weekly meeting. We are learning and researching the Glish method together and developing an authoritative white paper to support Glish. Coaches are practicing the method with other online platforms in preparation for our launch. We’ll be brainstorming and troubleshooting together once a week.

Glish Social – Hsiao just joined us and she will help develop our community building component – a community-benefit model – where members can join free group conversations about global issues. Glish will develop partnerships with NGOs to promote discussions about important issues and to provide scholarships to their clients or staff. This is the heart of Glish. We’re giving something good to the world. We’re promoting meaningful conversations and cross-cultural friendships.

I have a deep appreciation for every member of the Glish team. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your contributions. Keep spreading the word about Glish. We’ll continue to build a kick-ass team and bring Glish to life!

Dani Leis

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