Fluency for work: the lunch session

Many of you need English fluency for work if you want to advance, or get a position with an international corporation. But you’re too busy to take more English classes. Classes take time – and interrupt weekends. And let’s face it, classes don’t really help when it comes to speaking. Perhaps what you really need is an easy opportunity to practice speaking English. If you have a regular, ongoing conversation, with some focus, and a coach, your fluency will surely improve.

Glish was developed with you in mind. With the Glish method, you get 30 minutes of personalized conversation practice.  And you can do it easily on your lunch break. Make it a once-a-week regular thing, and your fluency, along with your confidence, will accelerate quickly.

Glish conversations are enjoyable – like having a chat with a friend.

Here’s how.

Bring your lunch to work and eat it at your desk while you watch a TED talk. If you need fluency for work, pick a topic that is related to your professional field.

For the last 30 minutes of your lunch break, call your Glish coach and share the TED talk. Tell your coach about it. Coaches are curious, they’ll ask questions. You’ll have a conversation and share your opinions with each other. It’s actually fun.

This is an excellent way to practice listening and speaking. This will build your English fluency and improve your conversational skills.

During a Glish lunch session, you will:

1) Learn something new and useful.
2) Have a great conversation.
3) Improve your English fluency.

That’s an effective way to spend a lunch hour, once a week.

One session a week is all you need to start seeing improvements in your English fluency. Start now! It’s easier than you imagine and the conversations are really enjoyable.

Let’s talk soon,
Dani Leis
Founder of Glish
Join us at www.glish.guru


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