Coach Testimonial: Charlotte Tory

Hi, I’m Charlotte Tory, a Glish conversation coach.

I love this work (although it never feels like work.) 

I couldn’t have dreamt in my wildest imagination that I’d become a digital nomad and meet up with strangers from around the world to have meaningful conversations that help to improve their English fluency.

I choose my own schedule.

I’m a retired teacher and feel fortunate to have found such a fitting activity that is stress-free, fun and ever so satisfying.

There’s no preparation. 

Glish clients decide what they want to talk about and prepare to discuss the topic with me. The Glish conversation coaching method is all about listening actively, paraphrasing and reflecting back to show understanding, rather than interrupting to correct mistakes. Clients spend time watching a Ted talk video, for example, studying the transcript and preparing to tell me about the video. My job is to facilitate a relaxed, meaningful conversation in a safe, friendly atmosphere.

It’s only 30-minutes at a time.

I can sit down to work and it’s only 30 minutes at a time. Each 30-minute session is complete in itself and no time gets wasted. I’ve seen the efficacy of the method when a client’s speech begins to flow smoothly and easily after 4 or 5  sessions. I feel perfectly comfortable using a method that I’ve seen work over and over again.

I meet people all over the world.

I speak to people from all around the world from different cultures, with different life experiences and different ways of expressing themselves in English. I’m frequently amazed. On the same day, I might be learning about life on the outskirts of  Kiev, Ukraine, in a suburb of Seoul, Korea or, in the centre of Santiago, Chile.

Glish is a platform I trust. 

It’s been built using sweat equity by people who really care about it. I’m happy that I’m helping to build something unique. All coaches have a mentor. I felt a bit nervous for the first few appointments but my mentor gave me lots of tips and advice which really helped.

Working as a Glish conversation coach is rewarding in so many ways.

I get to listen to the musicality of global English voices in all their many rhythms and tones.  It’s easy. It’s real. It’s meaningful.

And every day I laugh and smile.

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