An En[Glish] Experiment: Part II

An En[Glish] Experiment

“I am very ashamed.”

He was blushing only 5 minutes into our very first conversation.  “No, you don’t need to be ashamed!”  I assured him.  I asked the question again. “Tell me, what do you do for work in Seoul?”

After a moment of silence, he came clean.  “I am English teacher.

Theo* has been teaching English in South Korea for the past 33 years.  That’s even longer than I have existed.  So why does he want help improving his English?

While his English writing and reading is quite advanced, Theo, like many others, has not had the opportunity to simply practice his conversation skills.  What he told me next blew my mind.  “I think my English has gotten worse in recent years.” He admitted.  This is a man who teaches the language for a living.

Read more about why this Korean English teacher of 33 YEARS is using Glish to boost his speaking and listening skills!

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