About Glish

Glish is a web platform that provides a place for English language learners to practice having real conversations in English.

Anyone who wants to improve their conversational fluency can use Glish to speak with welcoming, non-judgmental conversation coaches. Glish has a unique method based in real conversations about topics clients find interesting. When we are conversationally engaged in a stress-free environment, language acquisition happens naturally.


Glish Founders

Dani Leis

Dani developed the method for Glish based on the experience of her own conversation coaching practice “Let’s Talk!” She's a third-culture kid born in California to an immigrant mother and then raised in Southeast Asia and Europe. She enjoys photography and meaningful conversations.

Matt Dahse

Matt is an investment banker turned entrepreneur who pursues location-independent opportunities around the world.  When he's not "Glishing", he's probably fishing or trying to convince some random stranger to quit their job and travel the world.

Charlotte Tory

Charlie designed the training modules for Glish coaches and is the primary mentor to all new coaches. She's a Canadian with 25 years teaching experience in the UK. She's a globe-trotter and has traveled around the world more than once.