A different way to build fluency and confidence!

A different way to build fluency and confidence!

Recently I’ve encountered a different group of English teachers or English coaches at Glish Guru. The Glish method for building your fluency and confidence in speaking English works really well and surprisingly quickly. My students have found this method to be exciting, enjoyable and super efficient.

The strategy and effectiveness are immediately obvious from the first lesson and students quickly become passionate and enthusiastic about improving their spoken English. It works!

This happens because the method is straight forward, uncomplicated and user-friendly. Of course, it requires serious work, but your effort is supported by the Glish coaches in a way which quickly builds your confidence, your ability to manage your grammar level, and most important of all, your fluency.

As you progress with Glish you will find shortcuts that will speed things up, however, when starting your Glish journey, it is easier to first choose a short speech (aim for no more than five minutes), one which is is interesting and exciting for you, from the TED website and then, before watching the speech, download and print a copy of the transcript.

Check the transcript for vocabulary, grammar, and construction, and then listen to the speech. After preparing to “tell the story” of this speech, (use the transcript in any way you wish) make a thirty-minute appointment; and your coach, who has not heard the exciting speech you chose, will become interested, enthusiastic and a vibrant, exciting conversation will happen instantly!

This has been my experience with every single speech that has been described to me. Your coach gently guides and builds your story telling skills, and with a hard copy of the transcript, discretely highlighted and annotated, you will never be lost for words. The transcript gives you a scaffold and confidence for your short presentation and your coach supports and guides you through the interesting speaking challenges that happen every time!

The Glish method provides a gently structured, firmly supported learning event that makes a real and rapid difference to your English Fluency, your competence, and your confidence.

Learning English is a serious investment and money is always a concern. This method requires preparation and it is in this preparation time (between 45 and 60minutes, my students tell me) that significant learning takes place. My student meetings have always been completed very effectively in less than thirty minutes – this is great for my students – they only pay for thirty minutes and also gain the important advantage of more frequent English speaking practice!

As an experienced online English teacher, I recommend the Glish method for anyone who seriously wants to improve their English confidence and fluency – it really WORKS!

Good luck with your English,


P.S.  Mike will be joining us as a Glish conversation coach in November 2016. You can follow him at his website or send him a message on Skype: mikestuition

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