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Glish is a platform where clients and coaches meet for 30-minute English conversations designed to increase fluency.



Real conversations are the key to fluency. The Glish Method ensures that every conversation is engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable for both coaches and clients.


Glish coaches are fluent English speakers and excellent conversation partners.

Charlie from Canada
Teacher for 25 years in the UK & committed to lifelong learning. I'm a world traveller, digital nomad and global citizen.
1st session free.

Cami from Colombia
I left my home at the age of 18 and lived in the U.S.A for nearly a decade. In 2015, my partner and I decided to travel the world.

Mike from Australia
I've coached English (M.Ed) for years. Build your fluency & confidence quickly with the magic of Glish! It really works.
1st session free

Abby from the USA
American Elementary teacher, world traveler, lover of creativity and passionate people.

Dani from California
Founder of Glish. Photographer. M.A. in Peace Studies. I'm a digital nomad who loves conversation.
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  • (2/28/2017) - Hi, I’m Charlotte Tory, a Glish conversation coach. I love this work (although it never feels like work.)  I couldn’t have dreamt in my wildest imagination that I’d become a digital nomad and meet up with strangers from around the world to have meaningful conversations that help to improve their English fluency. I choose my own […]
  • (1/14/2017) - by Giulia Varcasia. Here’s the thing, when I started with Glish I wasn’t really clear about the teaching method. I thought about all the conversation classes I took during my life, at school or university, and just thought it wouldn't be much different. That's what I thought. I wanted to improve my spoken English. I […]
  • (11/28/2016) - My name is Ola. I have been a teacher in a primary school for 20 years in a small town in Poland.  I started learning English in high school (earlier I had to study Russian). I do not want to criticise the Polish system of education, but it is extremely difficult to teach a foreign […]
  • (10/17/2016) - At the tender age of 18, with the thirst for adventure and travel already deeply embedded and ready to be finally unleashed on the unsuspecting world, I arrived in Paris on an overnight bus from London early one January morning to start a job as an ‘au pair’ with a wealthy Parisian family. I came […]
  • (10/11/2016) - There's an old saying that practice makes perfect. When it comes to English fluency, practice is by far the most important tool in our toolbox. Few of us ever reach a level of perfection, but if we wanted to approach it, we would certainly need to practice a lot. However, do we really want to be perfect? […]